Cellulite in children. Causes and treatment

Cellulite in children. Causes and treatment

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What is cellulite? The meaning of this term for doctors is very different from the popular heritage, because people tend to understand cellulite as a purely aesthetic concern, and very dependent on the time (remember those Venus by the painter Rubens, so generous in body matter ).

Doctors understand cellulite something else. For us, it is the infection of the subcutaneous cellular tissue, which is the fat that we all have under the skin. Let's stay with that concept: it is a skin infection. And yes, it can also occur in children.

The germs that produce it most frequently are three bacteria: S. aureus, S. pyogenes, and H. influenzae.

From a clinical point of view, we will observe the classic signs of any inflammation: pain, swelling, warmth and redness of the affected area.

What you can see is a plate, with more or less well defined edges. In addition, there is usually a fever. Its most common location is the face, extremities, and the region attached to a wound. The latter is what we call the 'front door', because due to that break in continuity in the skin, germs take advantage of it to sneak into the fat inside.

The diagnosis can be made perfectly by the clinic, without further ado. In severe cases we usually request a blood count, in which we will see a increase in white blood cells, and some inflammatory marker (C-reactive protein, sedimentation rate, etc.)

To treat cellulite, we have to take into account two facts: the location and the general condition of the child. There are certain particularly delicate locations: the eye and the floor of the mouth. In those cases, we will admit the patient for intravenous antibiotics.

If the child is in poor general condition, our option will also be income. In the rest of the cases, we can opt for the administration of oral antibiotics.

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