Postpartum Back Pain Solutions

Postpartum Back Pain Solutions

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Displacement of the coccyx, weakening of the pelvis, incorrect posture in breastfeeding ... the causes of postpartum back pain There are several, and they all have to do with the moment in which our son came into the world.

However, it is also necessary to know what tricks or home remedies we can implement to eliminate back pain after pregnancy and after giving birth to the baby.

1. Exercises when sitting down and getting up: It seems obvious, but if we do not know how to be comfortable, even the moment of sitting down and getting up can be a real torture. To end with the Back pain In the postpartum we must be as careful when getting up, as when we want to sit down to rest. To do this, you should never do it abruptly, but get up and sit with your back straight and gently.

The same thing happens when something falls to the ground and we want to pick it up, we never have to bend bending the back, but bending the knees and going down with the back completely straight. When getting up it is advisable to do the same exercise, without bending the lumbar area at any time and supporting the weight of the body by strengthening the legs.

2. Changing posture when breastfeedingAlthough the most important thing is the baby's comfort when breastfeeding, the mother's well-being is essential so that she does not suffer discomfort. Breastfeeding can become a bad experience if the woman is in pain before and after each feeding. Many times, the pain has nothing to do with the chest but with the back itself, which is numbed by incorrect posture.

To end the back pain in breastfeeding, it is advisable to try until you have the Straight back and play with the arms to position the baby. It may be that a pillow or cushion in the part of the kidneys or even in the neck will help us so that the fact of having the same posture does not hurt. prolonged form during each shot.

3. Firm mattresses: To be comfortable and at the same time end back pain after childbirth, it is advisable to rest on a mattress that is not excessively soft. If it has a surface that is very soft, the pain in your upper or lower back will remain. It is better to be a little firmer, and you always have to sleep on your side to try to alleviate the pain.

4. Heat application to the pain site: When the pain is very acute in a specific area, it is advisable to apply small touches of heat. We can do it with a previously heated cloth to apply in the place that hurts us, or with an electric blanket for a few minutes, without being too long, since an abuse of heat could achieve just the opposite effect.

5. Body stretches: There is nothing like exercise to end pain in a specific area of ​​the body. When our back hurts, it is best to do stretches that work the part that hurts, instead of exaggerated rest. Although at first it is more painful than expected, doing it continuously will make the discomfort decrease considerably.

One of the most complete stretches is the one that must be done by resting the hands and legs on the floor. To stretch the back, you have to support the entire weight of the body on the hands, or on the forearms if you have delicate wrists, and go lifting one of the two legs in repetitions of five, so that the lower part of the leg is stretched. back. Another body stretching exercise for the back and lumbar pain corresponds to sitting on the floor on your knees, and then supporting the whole back weight on the ground stretching his arms.

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