The swinging candle. Experiments for children

The swinging candle. Experiments for children

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We rarely think about how physical laws affect us, and how amazing they can be. You do not believe it? Try doing this fun experiment with children and you will find out.

In this experiment you will be able to make the candle go around by itself without touching it. An amazing way to discover science with children with our experiment videos.

  • 1 tall candle with wick on both sides.
  • 2 tall glasses
  • 1 ruler
  • 1 needle

Tip: Use scissors to cut some of the wax from one side of the candle and get the double wick

1. Measure the center of the candle with the ruler and pierce it with a needle.

2. Set the candle on fire and place it between the two glasses leaning on the ends of the needle.

3. Wait a bit and you will see how the candle begins to move by itself ... incredible!

At first the center of gravity coincides with the pin, when lighting the candle the wax melts and decompensates, so it begins to rotate.

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