Vaccines that pregnant women should get

Vaccines that pregnant women should get

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Protecting the baby's health involves taking extreme care during pregnancy and avoiding possible risks, and vaccines play a fundamental role when it comes to prevent some diseases in the mother and in the baby.

Regardless of the controversy that vaccines may cause, we wonder what vaccines should be given pregnant women to avoid health problems and also which vaccines are not recommended during pregnancy.

- Flu vaccine. Pregnancy is a good time for the flu, so the flu vaccine is recommended, especially if the delivery is planned for the winter months.

- Antidiphtheria vaccine. Diphtheria is a bacterial disease which can pose great danger to the newborn baby. That is why it is advisable that the pregnant woman get this amphidiphtheria vaccine as prevention.

- Tetanus vaccine. This vaccine is recommended because its use can prevent tetanus disease in pregnant women and also protects the baby from neonatal tetanus. Its use is especially indicated for pregnant women who live in a rural environment.

- Other vaccines. There are other vaccines that although they are not contraindicated during pregnancy, they should only be given if there is one some risk of suffering from the disease. We are talking about diseases such as whooping cough, hepatitis A and B, pneumonia or meningitis.

- MMR vaccine. One of the essential vaccines in childhood is MMR, which prevents measles, rubella and mumps and whose use is discouraged in pregnancy because it involves a risk for baby's health.

- Chickenpox vaccine. It is another of the vaccines that should be the childhood. If for some reason the chickenpox vaccine was not given as a girl, pregnancy is certainly not the best life stage to do so.

- Vaccine against yellow fever. The use of this vaccine is totally contraindicated during pregnancy, so the recommendation would be not to travel to the zones where there is a risk of contracting yellow fever while pregnant.

- Other vaccines. There are vaccines such as smallpox or polio that should not be given during pregnancy because they are considered diseases eradicated and its contraindications can be dangerous. Others, such as whooping cough or typhoid fever, must be avoided in pregnancy due to the adverse reactions they may cause.

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