Day of the Holy Loreto, December 10. Names for babies

Day of the Holy Loreto, December 10. Names for babies

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Loreto It is a name for a girl of Latin origin that means 'place of laurels', a perfect name that evokes all the sensitivity and calm that your daughter needs.

You can also use the variant of the nameLoreta, in case you have any doubts due to the ambiguity of its termination. Celebrate your name day on December 10 what is he day of Our Lady of Loreto.

The girls with the name Loreto They are usually persuasive and endowed with a special charm. Intelligent and brilliant, they need their own motivations to stand out and to succeed, but they are people who adapt easily to situations and who always find the resources they need to carry out their illusions. Because the name Loreto implies a dreamy and freedom-loving character.

The famous character with the name of your daughter that comes to mind before is the presenter and actress Loreto Valverde, with an unforgettable laugh, who shows us something of her charismatic personality. And movie lovers will remember the American actress Loretta Young, starring with Clark Gable in the film The call of the wild, a woman of exceptional serene beauty.

Loreto is also one of the protagonists of the novel Strawberry fields, by Jordi Sierra i Fabra, in a moving story about the lives of adolescents today. But Loreto is also the name of places, some as special as Lake Loreto, a crater lake formed in the caldera of a volcano on the island of Bioko, which belongs to Equatorial Guinea.

Although without a doubt, the most representative place that is identified with the Italian name of your daughter, is Loreto, in the north of Italy, where you find the sanctuary of the Virgin that bears her name. They say that the stones of the sanctuary were flown by angels from Nazareth, and hence the Virgin of Loreto is the patroness of the aviators.

If you want your daughter to learn to write hername Loreto in calligraphy and you can also color it in uppercase and lowercase letters with the colors you like the most, you just have to click on the name Loreto to print its beautiful name.

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