The best Christmas gift for children, even if they don't ask for it

The best Christmas gift for children, even if they don't ask for it

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They are not usually protagonists in letters to Santa Claus or the Magi. Far from it, the star gift of Christmas. However, it is the best gift that the Kings or Santa Claus can give your child. Do you know what we are talking about? Yes, from the books.

If you ask a child their Christmas wish list, besides endless, surely focus on toys: dolls, kitchens, skates, balls, video games ... Not a trace of books. However, the book will offer your child a multitude of benefits and will last much longer than the toy.

The illusion for a toy lasts a few days. What it takes the child to discover all its possibilities. If it is a doll, you can use it for role-playing games. If it's a video game, you'll give it a try and once you've mastered its features, you'll want another. What children like about toys is novelty. It's new, they didn't have it and yes, they like it. But they have an 'expiration date'. And of course, they will not play with him every day.

What about the book? they will read a little one day. And another little another day. They will read it again. And after a week, they will be able to read it again. His life is long. And its benefits, very numerous:

- It encourages the imagination.

- Stimulates creativity.

- It is useful to work concentration.

- You can use it to work on reading comprehension.

- Awakens the critical sense of children. It helps them to ask questions, to think.

- It is a fantastic tool to exercise memory.

- They are good at improving the bond with parents.

- Helps them develop fantasy.

- They transmit values.

Children will never ask for it in their letters, but they should get one. Books are, without a doubt, the best gift for them. It invites you to dream and you don't need batteries. They do not consume electricity or pollute. They don't take up much shelf space. And they last, if you take care of them, your whole life. So even if they are small, they will always remember them.

And if not, take the test ... close your eyes, and remember the toys you received as a child. You will remember two, three or four fondly. Now think of a book, the one that marked you and that you enjoyed reading and rereading its pages. And in the comics or comics that made you laugh, how many do you remember? Two Three? Four...? You see it? You remember them with the same affection as if they were toys. Even more. And they are books. What's more: surely, you never asked.

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