Traveling with pets and with the whole family

Traveling with pets and with the whole family

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When a family decides to take their pet, be it a dog, a cat or another animal, for a holiday trip, it is important that they consider some sanitary measures that regulate the movements of domestic pets (dog, cat or ferret) within the Union European (EU).

For traveling with pets and with the whole familyContrary to what it may seem at first, these regulations only facilitate the trips of those families who do not want to go on vacation, leaving behind someone who, in most cases, is the best playmate of the children. More smalls.

Thus, all dogs, cats and ferrets traveling this summer must have a passport and identify themselves either through a microchip (transponder) or through a clearly legible tattoo. Important: Ireland, Malta and the UK do not accept tattoos and only allow microchipped animals.

All animals must be vaccinated against rabies, which must be recorded in their passport. Vaccination must be done after microchipping or tattooing. Again, there are exceptions: if you are traveling to Finland, Ireland, Malta and the United Kingdom, all dogs must undergo specific veterinary treatment against tapeworms, which must also be stated in their passport. The dog can travel within one to five days after receiving the medication.

However, not all are regulatory issues to take into account when traveling with our four-legged friends. In addition to complying with the law, we must ensure that the journey is as comfortable and comfortable as possible. Traveling by plane, train or cruise can be a stress difficult for a cat or dog to imagine!

In Spain, as in the rest of Europe, most of the Autonomous Communities require rabies vaccination. The animal must carry the official, state or community health card with the vaccinations updated in the last year. The passport is not mandatory, although Spanish law requires the identification of dogs over 20 kg or all equally, depending on the autonomy.

For some breeds of dog -especially the snub-nosed ones- it is mandatory that the owner has third-party liability insurance, as well as a special permit for the possession of potentially dangerous breeds.

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