Pregnant sex until the last month of pregnancy

Pregnant sex until the last month of pregnancy

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Sex during pregnancy is a taboo that still haunts many women's heads. Guiainfantil receives many doubts from pregnant mothers asking us if it is possible having sex throughout pregnancy without danger to the baby, some are even concerned that in the final stretch it will pose a problem, may induce labor or may cause harm to the baby.

The reality is that sexual relations by women during pregnancy are nor cause rupture of the membranes or premature labor. Pregnant sex is also not harmful to the baby, as there is no better buffer than amniotic fluid.

The answer of doctors regarding sex during pregnancy is that under normal conditions, there is no problem at all to have a normal sexual life during pregnancy. The baby is protected inside the uterus and the amniotic fluid acts as a cushion.

However, obstetricians do advise against sexual intercourse if any of these circumstances apply:

- vaginal bleeding

- a history of miscarriage or premature birth

- strong contractions after penetration

- previous placenta

- signs of rupture of the gestational sac

- in the hours after an amniocentesis

For years, there has been the false belief that sex in the days before the expected due date could trigger it, even that it helped when the date had already been exceeded to cause the start of labor.

A study of more than 1000 women that was published in the gynecology journal BJOG revealed that there was no difference between women who had sexual relations at the end of pregnancy and those who abstained. Therefore, sex does not trigger labor.

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