Let it be from Frozen. Children's songs with a message

Let it be from Frozen. Children's songs with a message

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Children's movies are full of songs with positive messages for children. On our site we bring you the best and best known such as the famous 'Sueltalo' by Frozen.

In this movie, the queen Elsa sings of freedom and the importance of overcoming fears. On many occasions we hide behind the fact that we cannot do anything to change a situation and we prefer to live unhappy rather than face our problems. We must instill in our children that this should not be the case and that if we want to be free, we have to face what torments us.

The snow shines here tonight more

Not a trace is left

I am the queen in a kingdom of isolation and loneliness

The wind howls and sneaks inside me

I wanted to contain it but it escaped

Don't let them know about you

Don't come in, he always told me

You don't have to feel, they don't have to know

And who cares?

Release it, release it, I can't hold it anymore

Drop it, drop it, there's nothing left to lose

What difference does it make, it has already been discovered

Let it escape, the cold never bothered me

From a distance how small everything is

The fear that held me will not make me come back

I'm free and now I'll try to push the limits

There are no more rules for me at last

Let go, let go, let the cold reign now

Let it go, let it go, I won't cry again

Here I am, here I will be, let it slip away

I can enter the bowels of the earth

My soul grows and spirals without stopping

And a thought in me arose and crystallized

I will not return, the past has already passed

Drop it, drop it, I'll rise with the dawn

Drop it, drop it, the charade is over

Let the light become again

Let it escape, the cold never bothered me

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