Pizza recipes for children. Italian cuisine

Pizza recipes for children. Italian cuisine

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Pizza has become next to pasta in one of the traditional dishes of Italian gastronomy. Its simple preparation and the possibility of adding all kinds of ingredients make pizza one of the most exquisite dishes and currently in demand by children.

Although there are many varieties of pizza, in Italy they are very purist in this regard, and in many establishments, especially in the city of Naples, they only serve the original pizza known as 'margherita', composed of tomato, mozzarella, a little basil and oregano.

In Guiainfantil we teach you to prepare several easy pizza recipes for kids. Delicious traditional dishes of the exquisite Italian gastronomy.

Homemade pizza dough. Do you want to make a crunchy, tasty and, above all, homemade pizza? On our site we teach you how to make a pizza dough easily and quickly.

Pepperoni pizza. Homemade pizza recipe for children. How to make a crispy and tasty pizza dough at the same time. How to make a homemade pepperoni, cheese and olive pizza with the children. our site offers you a quick and easy recipe.

Turkish pizza. Turkish pizza recipe for children. How to do lahmacun step by step. Recipe for lahmacun, the most popular Turkish pizza. Easy recipes for children. How to make a Turkish minced meat pizza.

Four cheese pizza. Four cheese pizza recipe for children. Prepare an Italian-style pizza. Traditional recipes from Italy. Make a pizza step by step.

Pizza Carbonara. Homemade recipe to make a carbonara pizza step by step. Simple pizzas for children. Traditional Italian food. How to make pizza dough.

Hawaiian Pizza. How to prepare a Hawaiian pizza for children. Pizza recipe to make with children. Make a Hawaiian pizza step by step. Types of pizzas for children.

Chocolate pizza. Chocolate pizza with strawberries. An ideal recipe for dessert, for a snack, and even for the children's birthday party. our site offers you step by step, an original recipe, easy and very quick to make. Children will lick their fingers.

Vegetarian pizza. Kids with food allergies can also enjoy some of the most popular children's dishes, with kid-friendly recipes like gluten-free vegetarian pizza.

Gluten-free vegetable pizza. Almost all kids love pizza, including this healthy, light, gluten-free vegetable pizza for kids for the whole family.

Pizza with aubergine and zucchini. Pizza recipe with aubergine and zucchini for children. If we ask children about their favorite foods, many will opt for pizza. That is why our site offers us this recipe for children of vegetable pizza with aubergine and zucchini.

Mini pizzas with a face. Pizzas are a children's favorite ... and even more miniature! We offer you a very easy and quick recipe for children for Father's Day.

Pizza with a face. Father's Day is a very special occasion, to celebrate it as a family, it is best to prepare a recipe for children of pizza decorated with a face, nice and original.

Mushroom and asparagus pizza. To get a simple and healthy dinner but attractive for children, you have a recipe for vegetable pizza with mushrooms and wild asparagus.

Pizza Barbecue. Barbecue pizza, one of the favorites for children. With a simple recipe you can make a homemade pizza for your children's birthday party or any special occasion.

Pizza stuffed with vegetables. With this quick, veggie-filled pizza, kids will eat veggies without realizing it. In addition, the result of this recipe is exquisite and attractive. Very easy and practical to prepare with children.

Tuna and corn pizza. For a dinner, lunch, or birthday party, this Tuna Corn Pizza Recipe is a great choice. Perfect for cooking with children and enjoying with the family. Step-by-step pizza recipes

Mini pizzas for a snack. Recipe of some mini pizzas for the children's snack. How to make mini pizzas in a homemade and simple way for children. Learn to make mini pizzas with the children.

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