10 popular names for girls in Mexico in 2016

10 popular names for girls in Mexico in 2016

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It may be difficult for you to choose the name of your girl due to the large number of options that there are, so we want to help you organize all the baby names and make the picture clearer. The perfect name for your girl it may be among the most popular names of 2016.

We have a list of 10 most popular names for girls in Mexico in 2016 where you can find the ideal name. Because there are traditional names and also modern names that adapt to the tastes of all families.

1. Paula. The name is of Latin origin and means 'the little one'. Although it has been known since ancient times, it is presented as a modern and current name full of sweetness and capable of providing personality.

2. Sofia. This name of Greek origin and what it means 'wisdom' It has long been on the list of frequent names around the world. And we are not surprised because everything about him is charisma and charming.

3. Maria. It is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'exalted'. It is surely the most popular name in the world and its strength makes it disappear from the lists of frequent names in no time.

4. Laura. The name has a Latin origin and a meaning of 'the winner'. It is a name known from ancient times but that has not been worn down by use, so it may be the one for your girl.

5. Cristina. With a Greek origin and a meaning related to 'Christ', this name is one of our favorites for girls. Backed by a long tradition, it is so powerful that it remains fresh and up-to-date.

6. Elsa. This name is the Scandinavian variant of a name of Hebrew origin that means 'promise of God' and that we also know as Isabel. It is one of the prettiest names for girls and it is full of charm and seduction.

7. Elena. The name is of Greek origin and means 'the one that shines'. It is one of the most attractive names for girls and is known all over the world. We like it because it exudes personality and charisma.

8. Marta. It is a name of Aramaic origin that means 'Lady'. It is backed by the charm of biblical names and because it is one of those names that are always up-to-date, oblivious to fashions and trends.

9. Valeria. This name of Latin origin and with a meaning related to the 'force' it enters the lists of popular names for girls in many countries. It is an ideal sophisticated name for a girl.

10. Daniela. The name is of Hebrew origin and means 'God's justice'. It is one of the most delicate and subtle names for girls and this 2016 will be the star of Mexican families.

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