The safety of children in the car: first!

The safety of children in the car: first!

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Lack of time or laziness often make us forget what is really important for the safety of our children. For example, keep children safely in the stroller or in the highchair or in the car seat, it is something that could prevent many accidents and headaches. Maybe if we know that almost half of the children who die on the roads traveled without a car seat, we awaken our conscience and change our attitude.

Surely sometime (or many) you have asked yourself: Why am I going to tie my child in the car seat if the journey we are going to do is short? Well, if you have thought about it, it is good that you know that 38 percent of parents confess that they do the same and do not put their children in the car with the proper protection systems. This is what a study by the Mapfre Foundation and a car manufacturer reveals, which analyzes the evolution of child road safety over the last twenty years.

Every time we go by car, whether for a walk or a trip, ensuring the protection of children must be our priority. 40 percent of the children who died in 2011 in Spain in traffic accidents, they did not carry any type of child retention mechanisml, although its use has been mandatory since 2006. This percentage is similar to that of adults who die without a seatbelt, which shows that using or not using a restraint system is the difference between losing your life or surviving a traffic accident.

Car seats prevent between 50 and 80 percent of serious and fatal injuries in traffic accidents and even so there are parents who do not strictly impose this condition when using the car.

I think buckling up in the car too it is a habit that we must teach our children since they are very young. We have done it for my daughter and since she was about 6 years old, when she got into the car, she was already putting on her belt by herself. Everything, after all, is a matter of habit.

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