One in two children is a passive smoker

One in two children is a passive smoker

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One in two children is a passive smoker because they live with smoking parents and present up to four times more respiratory diseases than minors who are not exposed to tobacco smoke, in addition to presenting other pathologies more frequently such as sudden infant death syndrome . According to doctors, these children often suffer from asthma, bronchitis and migraines.

We all know that smoking is bad for our health and for those who habitually share space with us. I have a friend who tells me that he cannot understand how there are pregnant women who smoke or parents who smoke in the car with their children inside. They are forcing their children to smoke! he said angrily ... and he is right. Quitting tobacco is very difficult, but not impossible, we just have to choose a good cause that motivates us, those who have succeeded already know it. Although currently, the law protects children from tobacco smoke in public spaces in private spaces, many times minors are not respected and the worst thing is that it is their own parents who do it, those who are undoubtedly the most they want you in the world.

Surely, no normal parent would knowingly harm their child, but many times our habit of smoking can be harmful to them, even if we do not notice its harmful effects in the short term. The example that we give them by smoking, without a doubt, is bad, since it is a habit not recommended for anyone, and your son, when he is older, may imitate the model he has seen at home. But much more serious than the bad example we set is the fact that we force our children to be passive smokers.

Continuous exposure to cigarette smoke increases the possibility that our child will become ill, especially from diseases that affect his airways, and may present continuous colds, asthma, bronchitis, etc. even end up suffering lung damage. In case of viral infection they will also tend to worsen or, at least, they will have more difficulty to improve in cases of viral infection.

Our children also want healthy parents and that we are responsible when it comes to emitting fumes. So, we add another granite to the barn, adding to the public recommendations: you should try to stop smoking, and if it is impossible for you at least stop doing it in the environments where you are with your child. Allow your home and car to be smoke-free so your child can stop second-hand smoke. Your child is your best motivation to quit smoking!

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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