Do you know how to do your homework with your children?

Do you know how to do your homework with your children?

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The accompaniment of an adult when doing homework is important in the first years of Primary and only for some children, but not for all. At first, children need support and knowledge of certain organizational tools and tricksthat we can teach them. Later, once they have acquired them, they will not need our presence, unless they want to ask us how to solve a problem.

The idea of ​​accompanying children in the performance of their homework aims to help them become responsible and independent students. Tips for parents about the duties of children:

- It is important to establish with them from the beginning, a time and a place to develop the task.

The distribution of time, the ability to concentrate and study techniques are values ​​that we must instill in them on the spot.. Depending on the volume of work in each of the subjects and the individual capacity for each of them, we will distribute the time in this way so that we do not get too long with one subject to the detriment of another.

- The latter is in line with the level of concentration that the child reaches, since the fewer distracting elements he has around him (television, music, telephone) the more useful the task of homework will be for him and the sooner he can finish them to dedicate himself to something else.

- And finally, to get the most out of learning, it is best to implement some simple study techniques. It is useless, wasting time learning the contents by heart, if the child has not understood anything. Outlines and summaries are important to assimilate and learn. As responsible parents we must provide help, not answers, work tools, yes, but not finished jobs to finish earlier and go to sleep.

Our dedication and initial effort will help the issue of homework not become encyst and spread over time, becoming an uncomfortable family problem. It is possible that overprotective parents, who prefer to do their children's homework, are basically denying their children the opportunity to manage, organize and be responsible. On the other hand, if we manage to participate in their obligations, but without interfering too much, we will achieve that our children acquire the habit of studying, which is what is intended with homework.

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