Reindeer figure with clamps. Recycled crafts

Reindeer figure with clamps. Recycled crafts

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In addition to hanging clothes, can you think of what else a clothespin can do? In we suggest you do Christmas handcrafts with this element present in all houses.

In this case, we teach you how to make a Santa Claus reindeer using various tweezers. A very fun and original craft with which the children will learn to recycle material.

  • 3 wooden clothespin
  • 1 wooden stick
  • Acrylic paint or orange tempera
  • Plastic eyes
  • Red cotton ball
  • Christmas ball
  • Red string
  • Pencil, marker and brush
  • Scissors and glue

1. Paint three tweezers and a cardboard stick orange

2. Place two tweezers in the middle and the end of the wooden stick. The third will be placed in the opposite direction at the other end.

3. Glue the plastic eyes and the cotton ball onto the tweezers.

4. Thread a string through a Christmas ball and tie it around the reindeer's neck.

This craft has been made byLaura Platas, of Juice Animations.

Video: DIY Christmas Recycled Decoration! Amazing Reindeer from cardboard (November 2022).