The name Noa. Origin and meaning

The name Noa. Origin and meaning

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If you already know the sex of your baby and have discovered that you are going to have a girl, now it's time to choose the name. You can be inspired by the most fashionable names at the moment to find the perfect name for your girl.

One of the names for girls that we like the most and that will be a trend for this year is Noa, a very particular name that gives off a special charisma and great strength. Discover the origin and meaning of name Noa.

The name Noa is of Hebrew origin and has a meaning of 'delight', which is most successful for a girl. Its popularity increases every year and by 2016 it will be one of the most demanded names for girls for its simplicity and charm. Noa is a very particular name that celebrates her birthday on November 10.

This name Noa that exerts an irresistible attraction because it is one of those unisex names that works for both girls and boys. The male version should be Noah, although many families choose to choose Noa even before know the sex of the baby. It is inevitable for us not to remember this name from the emotional movie 'Noa's diary'.

Noa has that strength of short names capable of reinforcing the personality of your girl. It stands out for that mixture between forcefulness and delicacy that every girl needs and we like because it is a modern name and original without falling into extravagance. Without a doubt we are facing a safe bet in girl names.

Because Noa is a name wrapped in the contradiction of its originality despite its long tradition. It is a biblical name that we have known since ancient times, but until a few decades ago it had not been used with the frequency of recent years. And it is that Noa arrives with force until being placed in the list of frequent names from many countries.

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