Resolutions for mothers and fathers for the year 2016

Resolutions for mothers and fathers for the year 2016

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Even if we try to be the perfect mother or father, we all know that we can change something in the education of our children, so suggests 10 resolutions for 2016 for parents who want to modify their behavior with their children.

The stress and nerves that the current pace of life imposes on us causes that, sometimes, we neglect the attention that our little ones deserve. Quarrels or no time to listen to your problems can eventually turn into a lack of trust that will affect the bond between mother and child. Luckily, we can correct it.

We must be aware that the most important are our children so, with the arrival of the new year 2016, we have to fulfill a series of purposes for their good and for ours.

1- Never disrespect our children.

2- Make more time to spend with the children.

3- Do not promise anything impossible.

4- Listen more to the children, not only what they say but also what they feel.

5- Have more patience and tolerance with children.

6- Set discipline and limits to their behavior.

7- Always be an example for them.

8- Be part of your school life.

9- Meet the friends of the children.

10- To learn children's knowledge and values.

Of course, many of these challenges require the collaboration of our children, so we also leave you 10 resolutions for children for the year 2016.

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