Educate in values. Respect for the common good

Educate in values. Respect for the common good

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The teaching of respect for the common good will include from the respect for things that at school or at home are common goods even those that correspond to social goods, such as: parks, libraries, theaters, monuments, museums, cinemas, etc.

Children must learn not to break or pull plants from the garden, or toys in the park, not to damage the lawn, or to paint the walls. Young children should also learn to take care of library books, not to touch paintings, sculptures, or other objects in a museum, and not to disturb the animals in the zoo.

- With examples
- Through stories
- Observing the prohibition signs in public places
- Going, always, to libraries, museums.
- Going to clean parks and streets
- Participating in workshops on recycling
- Recycling your home garbage
- Being in contact with nature
- Knowing the value of rivers, air, nature
- Knowing the benefits that nature offers us

Nature is a common good that we must learn to respect from children taking care of the environment and learning to recycle different materials so as not to waste the planet's natural resources. But our coexistence in society also leads us to take care of the streets of our cities and urban furniture. The squares, lakes and fountains are common goods and as such must be respected. Children should know that it is not correct to throw garbage or debris on the ground, that we should not bathe in fountains, or make noise in museums, or break seats in theaters or cinemas.

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- Stories and songs to share values. Children's Ed.

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