Activities to stimulate your baby's senses

Activities to stimulate your baby's senses

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From a newborn baby to an adult person, everything we know about the world around us comes from the interpretation of the messages received by the senses. Sensory experiences are enjoyable and benefit people. These experiences try to stimulate the primary senses without the need for an elaborate intellectual activity, these experiences are: relaxation, stimulation, communication, and movement.

Within the sensory stimulation classrooms, we use countless materials and objects that make stimulate the senses through play activities. When we work with these objects we have to take into account different aspects:

- The material we use must be varied, to help foster curiosity.

- How we present the materials, as it helps to motivate interest and attract their attention.

- A material can be used for different stimulating purposes.

- Many of the objects used may have sensory qualities in common with different stimulating areas at the same time.

Sensory stimulation boxes include tactile stimulation materials, but can include materials that can house other types of materials for stimulation, visual, auditory, etc. We can make one that includes different materials to stimulate the different senses, or a box for each of them.

We propose to work the sense of touch, so important for the development of babies, for this we can develop a tactile sensory stimulation box. The material used for this area must have very different tactile characteristics, and it is also necessary to ensure that the first tactile experiences are pleasant and rewarding to promote the interest of children.

Some of the necessary materials are: fabrics of different textures; cords, ropes, ribbons, strips of plastic; Newspaper, aluminum, cellophane, polystyrene balls or squares; toothbrushes, shoe cleaning; balloons and plastic bags; sponges of different textures; different types of pastes or natural materials such as grass, straw, leaves, stones, sand, water ...

Some of the activities that we can carry out with these materials are:

1- Object recognition through discriminatory touch.

2- Use wool, plush, foam mittens ... to work the child's body awareness through massage.

3- We can also make a texture panelThey are small works made by hand for the child to touch, and experiment. And in the same way we can make panels so that the different textures step on.

These activities and the different sensory boxes can be used with all children, taking into account that the objects that we use are not dangerous for them, that is, that they cannot be swallowed, etc ... ... in any case they must always be supervised activities.

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