Nuts to relieve pregnancy discomfort

Nuts to relieve pregnancy discomfort

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During the nine months of gestation, there are many nutritional advice that the pregnant woman finds. Although there are obvious habits that it is advisable to put aside during the pregnancy, -fat abuse, alcohol intake ...-, there are other food components that they are necessary for the body in this special moment, such as nuts.

Nuts have a very complete nutritional value, since they have a high fiber content, are a source of minerals such as potassium, magnesium or calcium, and also give the body a high energy value. Although it is true that they are composed of a high level of fat, the quality of it is beneficial, since It prevents illnesses cardiovascular type.

Depending on the type of dried fruit we choose, we can combat different very typical discomforts of pregnancy, such as nausea, constipation or lack of energy.

- Hazelnuts: They are a great source of calcium. Although they also provide other nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium and magnesium, in the case of calcium it helps the bones to be strong. In addition to helping to prevent osteoporosis, in the case of pregnancy it could reduce pain in the bones such as the pelvis. On the other hand, they have a high level of folic acid essential for the development of the baby. In addition, as it is an antioxidant, it can contribute to another great discomfort of pregnancy, which is dry skin, reducing it.

- Walnuts: They provide a great energetic value, which is very important for the future mother's activity and the baby's development. They are a natural plant source of Omega 3 that precisely makes the body in better condition. In addition, they help relieve constipation that many women suffer in pregnancy.

- Almonds: They are highly recommended in their intake during pregnancy because in addition to being a source of energy, they also help to avoid certain discomforts of pregnancy such as nausea or dizziness that can affect some women. The reason is that almonds are very rich in vitamin B, zinc, vitamin E and calcium, and this is a very complete and effective food in pregnancy.

- Pistachios: Their main attraction in pregnancy is that they are satiating. For many pregnant women, a soaring hunger can be a problem, since overeating can lead not only to unnecessary weight gain but also to feel heavier and more tired at any given time. It also contributes to another major discomfort, which is fluid retention, and helps reduce it. The high level of potassium in pistachios is responsible for its nutritional value.

- Peanuts: Although they caused controversy over possible allergies that babies could develop if they ate peanuts in pregnancy, finally medical studies revealed that precisely a tolerance was developed to this dried fruit if the pregnant woman ate it naturally without overdoing it. Its best contribution is that they are rich in folic acid and help the pregnant woman to not be so fatigued thanks to its vitamin B3 component.

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