Stress in pregnant women can cause eczema in babies

Stress in pregnant women can cause eczema in babies

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Stress and anxiety are not good in any circumstance, much less in pregnancy. The World leading congress on Allergy and Immunology, presented an investigation whose conclusions reveal that the stress of the pregnant woman is a risk factor for the development of atopic eczema, especially in babies from 6 to 8 months old.

The investigation, carried out by the National Center for Child Health and Development, from the Tokyo Allergy Division (NCCHD), Japan, analyzed 896 pairs of mothers and children (474 ​​boys and 422 girls). It was verified that 18.75 percent of the mothers were classified as the group with the greatest anxiety; 62.39 percent showed moderate anxiety and 18.86 percent of them were classified as the group with the least anxiety. As for babies, it was found that the average prevalence of atopic eczema was 46.76 percent, that is, almost half.

Are we aware that the mother's stress reaches her baby? I think a lot of women don't take it into account. Although pregnancy fills them with new emotions and satisfactions, it can also, for different reasons, generate stress, nervousness and anxiety. Many times the concern with the baby, with the delivery and even about how it will be fixed after the baby is born, is inevitable. Arguments between the couple and the discomfort of pregnancy also contribute to stress during pregnancy.

For this reason it is very important that women, during this special stage of their life, seek to rest as much as possible, share their concerns with their partner and family, maintain a healthy diet, practice some physical exercise or yoga, and relax with good music or a book. It must be considered that everything, or almost everything that the pregnant woman feels, will somehow affect the baby in her womb.

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