10 keys to being a good teacher

10 keys to being a good teacher

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A good teacher is the basis of a successful education and for this to be so, it is necessary to have a series of personal and professional skills. Because teaching is not just transferring knowledgeIt is much more, it is about knowing how to create the necessary conditions for students to learn to think and build their own knowledge about the world around them.

A good teacher needs not only a broad knowledge of the subject he teaches and a study plan; needs to be enthusiastic, loving and empathetic but also firm and respectful, responsible, flexible and communicative. These, among other characteristics, make up the keys to being a good teacher. Today we highlight 10 of them that we think are essential

Among the many skills that a good teacher must develop, a good teacher must show above all:

1. Empathy, to put yourself in the student's shoes and understand their difficulties or concerns; understand him and help him overcome the obstacles that hold him back or to challenge him to go further.

2. Patience, to deal with both those students who have a hard time and those who always want more, to know how to wait for the slowest but also to adapt to those who finish too quickly.

3. Delivery for your profession and for the work he does. The good teacher is concerned with transmitting and spreading the desire to improve that learning involves, regardless of the number of students per class or the cognitive, cultural, social or economic differences that exist between them.

4. Enthusiasm for what you do, capable of motivating his students and infecting them with the desire to learn and know. An enthusiasm capable of reaching the student and making him arouse curiosity about what surrounds him.

5. Creativity. A good teacher must be able to be creative both in the way they attract the attention of the students and in the way they present their knowledge by creating unique, captivating and dynamic lessons.

6. Flexibility. Faced with a special situation or problem, he must be able to change and find a way for all students to understand the concept he is explaining. Change course and adapt to the needs of the class group.

7. Consistency in your decisions. A good teacher must know how to put coherent and consistent norms and rules in his classroom, he must exercise the authority that his position gives him without falling into authoritarianism, which would detract from his credibility and away from his students. For example, if he doesn't allow his students to eat gum, he shouldn't either.

8. Humility. A good teacher, no matter how hard he tries, may not be infallible, just as anyone can make mistakes. Being able to recognize them, admit them and apologize is a quality that will always play in favor of the teacher, increasing the confidence of children in him, since they will see him for what he is, a human being.

9. Self respect, towards their classmates and obviously towards their students and respective parents. If there is something that teachers must bear in mind, it is that they are a role model for each of the students, who constantly observe them how they act, how they speak, how they move, respond or dress.

10. Responsibility since you work with a very sensitive material: children and precisely the training of their students is the most important job you have to do. That is why a responsible teacher arrives on time, prepares classes well, motivates his students, is creative and communicative, attentive and patient, always looking for the best for all of them.

A good teacher will be one that our children will remember with affection and gratitude years after leaving the classrooms where they grew up and learned with him.

Sara Tarrés Corominas
Child psychology
Child counselor

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