Tricks to avoid colds in children and babies

Tricks to avoid colds in children and babies

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Cold viruses spread quickly between children and babies, since they are easily transmitted by contact, that is, through the hands, and orally when they cough or sneeze. In addition, they take advantage of the cooling of the mucosa when it is cold to enter the body through the nostrils. Know what the tricks to avoid colds in children and babies can prevent children from 3 weeks to 2 months of cold illness per year.

The cold is a respiratory tract condition caused by a virus. Generally, it affects the highways. This disease is one of the most common in children, especially in cold months: approximately children catch colds three to eight times each year. The duration of each cold is usually approximately one week, which leads us to think that a baby or child may have a cold from three weeks to about two months a year.

However, although most colds are viral, they can sometimes be complicated if opportunistic bacteria take advantage of the lowering of defenses that occurs when the body is fighting the invading cold virus. The most common complications of colds in babies are bronchiolitis and pneumonia, and in children bronchitis and pneumonia.

Nothing better than prevention to prevent children from catching a cold. The medical team at the Nisa Pardo de Aravaca hospital, in Madrid, has just released a series of tips and recommendations that will prevent children from catching colds so often:

1. Drink plenty of fluids.
2. Avoid sudden changes in temperature.
3. Keep your hands clean.
4. Ventilate closed spaces.
5. Watch your diet and introduce foods that contain vitamin C (such as oranges, lemons or kiwis).
6. Keep your feet warm.
7. Get a humid environment; if necessary, use a humidifier.
8. Wash toys.
9. Teach the child to sneeze by covering his mouth, to avoid contagion.
10. Spend time outdoors to avoid the concentration of viruses.

In case of complication, it is always necessary to go to the pediatrician.

Marisol New.

Source consulted:
Hospital Nisa Pardo Aravaca, in Madrid.

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