The childish personality

The childish personality

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Childhood personality is the set of psychological and physical qualities of each child and the way they react to the environment around them. It is the way that each one has to think, relate, act or see life.

When we say that a child has a lot of personality, we mean that his psychological traits are particular and stands out over others, on the contrary, a child with little personality is impersonal, is carried away by others, they are criteria and does not stand out in nothing.

Is character, temperament and personality the same? They are usually used as the same thing but there are differences. Temperament is the way in which each child reacts to the environment around him, personality refers to what the child is, and character is how the child manifests himself to others. But what determines the personality of each child?

- From the moment of conception the child inherits genetic characteristics and determines how the psycho-organic characteristics will be that make each child react differently in their contact with the environment around them.

- The future personality will be the result of child's temperament and the education you receive in your environment. The child will create a behavior according to the reactions that children have to their behavior and the different experiences that they accumulate.

- The social group where you live will also determine the child's personality: health, illnesses, number of siblings, late or early schooling

- The number of approvals and disapprovals your behavior will influence the child's confidence and behavior

- Imitation: by observing others the child will learn to have his own behavior

- Educational action: it must be focused on getting the best of itself, on transmitting values, on discovering its own ends. Every normal child is open to everything and is willing to investigate whatever comes along

For the child to have an open, enterprising, daring personality that feels in harmony with the world around him, it is important to provide him with a happy, motivating and rich universe.

Source: World Association of Early Childhood Educators AMEI - WAECE

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