10 good resolutions of children for the year 2016

10 good resolutions of children for the year 2016

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Attitudes and behaviors to change with the entry of the new year


We all like to be given gifts and that when we ask for something they leave it or give it to us, for that reason we must be just as generous with the people we love.

It is our responsibility to behave correctly wherever we are. At school, no one has to put up with our faults and we must respect the opinion and work of others. At home, our parents have to rest from time to time, so we have to try to avoid as many mischief as possible.

Soccer, basketball, tennis ... there are tons of individual and team sports we can sign up for next year. Being in shape is not just a matter of aesthetics, being in shape means that we are in good health.

Although we can seem very, very boring, it is our responsibility to keep everything we give at school up to date, so it would not be a bad thing if as a New Year's resolution we consider doing our homework every day.

Our parents are probably very tired from working at home and abroad, so when we are older we can help them with easy tasks. Such as dusting or setting the table.

We are old enough to depend on our parents for clothing or food, so for next year we can consider doing our first things alone.

After playing with our toys, we can't just drop everything on the floor and wait for Mom or Dad to pick it up. As a purpose for next year we can consider always having the room organized.

When the baby turns one and a half years it is time to consider that he should put down the pacifier and start to relieve himself on the potty.

Selfishness is a bad attitude that children have to correct in order to live better with their family and friends, so a very good idea is, for next year, to set the purpose of sharing everything we have.

One of the purposes that the little ones can make for the New Year is to improve their hygiene every day: brush their teeth three times a day, go to the shower whenever Mom says so without protest ...

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