At Christmas, don't lose sight of your children

At Christmas, don't lose sight of your children

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I still remember the anguish I felt the day my son got lost in a hypermarket, while my husband and I were shopping for Christmas lunch. Suddenly, he was not next to the car or in the surrounding corridors. We split up to comb the hypermarket and decided to call him over the public address system.

During the search, we met a friend who helped us. He found my son in the greengrocer, enjoying himself with a basket of raspberries and told him: 'I'm a friend of your dad, come with me he's looking for you' and he trusted.

After the scare, we reconsidered the situation to prevent it from happening again. And the thing is that Christmas is a time of shopping for gifts, crowds of people, queues, children's gatherings, going to leisure places with the children to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere ... and, in all these places, it is easy to lose of sight to your children.

The difficult thing is to hold them by the hand for so many hours. Children have to move and play. For this reason, among so many people it is easy to stop seeing him for a moment and lose your nerves.

Crowds of people are the ideal place for our children to go unnoticed before our eyes.

Due to their small stature, they are easily camouflaged in crowds and the difficulty of seeing them is a harrowing experience, especially when one begins to think of the worst.

For this reason, the authorities recommend that when you go out with your young children to enjoy Christmas, agree to a meeting point with them and do not forget to point your mobile phone on the back of their hand.

In this way, anyone who finds you can quickly contact you and thus resolve the situation in a short time, to shorten the trauma of separation.

If possible, as soon as you lose sight of him, call out his name. Call him, because he may not see his parents either due to the crowd, but he can hear your voice and guide himself to you based on the sound.

If you can't find him right away, announce his loss over the public address system and report it to the police. Children should be warned that if they get lost in a public place such as a hypermarket, a museum or a zoo, they should not leave the premises and make themselves known, crying or shouting. The child should know that he can ask an adult for help, but not just anyone.

It should always be a person who wears a uniform, so that he or she makes sure to talk to a policeman, a security guard or the personnel of the public space that we have gone to visit. And, above all, once you find him, it is okay to show him the concern you suffered, but express the joy of the reunion.

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