Cardboard Christmas balls. Recycling crafts

Cardboard Christmas balls. Recycling crafts

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Christmas balls are the most recurring decorations for the classic Christmas tree. This year, instead of using the usual balls, we suggest you create some very original ones from recycled paper or cardboard.

If you have some Christmas from other years you can create them with them, although you can also use cardboard from a box that you no longer use. A craft of very easy and original.

  • Christmas cards or cardboard
  • Rule
  • Glue gun
  • Glue
  • Pair of scissors
  • Pencil
  • Gold ribbon

1. Draw twenty circles on a Christmas postcard, you can use the gold ribbon as a template.

2. Cut out all the circles and then with the help of the ruler draw a cross to mark the center. Then draw a triangle.

3. With the help of the ruler, fold the ends of the triangle painted inside the circle. Repeat the operation in all the circles.

4. Take five circles and glue them together, keeping in mind that the same vertex in all must face the center. Leave the last end unglued. Repeat this process with another five circles.

5. With the rest, make a strip putting one triangle up and one down.

6. Glue one end to the other. Then pass a ribbon through one of the circles you made earlier and glue it on the top. The other from the bottom and you already have your Christmas recycling ball.