How to decorate a room for twins or twins

How to decorate a room for twins or twins

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You are expecting twins! What a great news! Double joy, double responsibility and double concern when decorating your bedroom? Don't believe it, it's not that complicated. It is very important to take into account an essential factor: functionality. Think that there are elements that are going to be shared such as the closet or the changing table. Others on the other hand, such as the crib will be individual.

Even if they are twins or twins and you should start thinking in double, we are going to give you some tips to help you achieve a comfortable and safe environment for your children.

1 – The color: if both children are of the same sex it is easier to make a decision. But if they are a boy and a girl you have two options: either use a neutral color that works for both babies or you can differentiate the spaces of each of them with complementary colors. That will give a very personal touch to the bedroom, yes, our usual advice: use light and relaxing tones, they are babies and we want to help them fall asleep and be calm.

2 – Cribs: its placement will depend a lot on the available space. It is preferable that the cribs are placed in parallel or contiguous, in the same line, so you can attend to babies more comfortably. There are even double cribs in which each child has their own space.

3 – The closet and the dresser / changing table They will have enough capacity to store the children's clothes and all those items that they may need and that you need to have on hand. If the dresser includes the bathtub, it will be very practical when it comes to cleaning the babies.

4 – Accessories: there are elements that from my point of view are advisable. For example: a breastfeeding chair that allows a good posture during the feeding of babies, some shelves or containers where to place their toys and books and that will be very useful especially when they grow up, a rug for their first games on the floor, a lamp, curtains to filter the light ...

5 – Decor: some paintings, silhouettes, photo frames, ... will give a lot of life to the room. You can personalize each child's space with their name or a special detail. There is a lot to choose from.

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