Indian food recipes for kids

Indian food recipes for kids

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If you are looking for children's menus with which to surprise your children, from We recommend that you make one of these traditional Indian recipes.

Most of the dishes of Indian gastronomy are very rich in nutrients and proteins due to the large number of ingredients they contain. Rice, vegetables, spices, fruits, fish ... they all have a place in an Indian dish, so it is normal that each bite is an explosion of different flavors.

To make many of these recipes you will need a series of really essential ingredients, rice, ginger or curry are present in most Indian dishes. Of course, as it happens with the spicy in Mexican recipes, we must be careful with the amount of spices that we use, because many of them have very strong flavors and if we add a lot of them, our children will surely not like them.

Rice With Chicken Curry. our site brings you the recipe for chicken curry with rice for children. Indian curry rice recipes for kids. Hindu recipes to cook with children. Rice with chicken curry, Indian recipe for children.

Rice with prawns curry. If you are looking for a simple and nutritious meal, on our site you have this rice with curry prawns, a quick recipe for children to eat fish without protesting.

Chicken biryani served in roasted pumpkin .. our site brings you a recipe of Indian cuisine for children. Chicken Biryani is a dish to be enjoyed by the whole family. A different, original and exquisite taste of Indian cuisine. Step by step recipe.

Tandoori chicken. Tandoori chicken is one of the quintessential traditional Indian dishes. Therefore, our site deals with the elaboration, step by step, of this delicious dish.

Hake curry. Among the great variety of foods that we can cook with curry there is also fish, so our site brings you this traditional Indian recipe with hake.

Gulab Jamun. Like all their dishes, Indian desserts are very rich in flavors and textures, so our site brings you the recipe for the quintessential Indian dessert to cook for your children: Gulab Jamun.

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