Cake Pops. Recipe for making cake pops for kids

Cake Pops. Recipe for making cake pops for kids

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Cake pops are becoming more fashionable every day. Also called pop-cakes, these muffins made of sponge dough mixed with cheese are brightening up children's birthday parties. teaches you how to make or make delicious Cake Pops in an easy and fast way, step by step.

  • 250 gr. white chocolate shavings (or milk chocolate)
  • 250 gr. cake of any flavor
  • 200 gr. cream cheese or buttercream, or mascarpone cheese
  • 1 sheet of white cork
  • A few sticks

Tips: the sticks can be made of plastic or wood, and any type of melting chocolate works.

1- Undo and crush the cake with your hands until it looks almost like flour.

2- Add the cream cheese to the cake and mix very well until a homogeneous mass is obtained.

3- With the help of your hands, make balls with the dough.

4- Take the balls to the freezer for approximately an hour to harden. Meanwhile, take the chocolate chips to the microwave until they melt. Pass the stick through the chocolate cream and then puncture the sponge cake.

5- Next, pass the ball through the chocolate cream so that it soaks well.

6- Finally, puncture the stick in the white cork to cool and solidify. And the cake pop will be ready to be decorated as you want.

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