Activities in English for Early Childhood Education children

Activities in English for Early Childhood Education children

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Childhood is the best time for a person to learn English in a natural way. Learning should be done in an active way and fun for the child.

For this we must support ourselves in different games and activities in which we will work on different points of the language. Below we have a series of activities aimed at 2-year-olds that will enhance the learning of English.

Colors is one of the first lessons we work with children in English. Although children can learn the words of different colors quickly, what we really want to achieve is that children know how to recognize them, not only on the cards when we show them, but in their day to day, differentiating them from each other and paying attention to them.

Activity: With garbage bags of different colors for costumes, we put each child a bag of one color. Across the room or the nursery class, we place different toys of the same colors as the bags we have chosen, depending on which we are working on at the time. The game consists of saying a color in English so that the child wearing the suit of the color runs to the toys. Then we must tell him another color so that he can take the toy of that color and give it to the child who is carrying the bag of that color.

Within the area of ​​self-knowledge, from a very young age we already began to work on the different parts of the child's body and what they are going to serve them for. Hands to pick things up, eat ... legs to walk ...

Activity: On a large cardboard or on continuous paper we draw a silhouette of the human body, then on cardboard we make a doll in pieces (each loose leg, arms ...) The game consists first of showing them the different loose pieces and repeating them in English as they say. After working on it, we tell a child a part of the body who must take the piece and place it on the person's silhouette.

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