Depression begins in childhood

Depression begins in childhood

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Almost 100 percent of depression starts in childhood. Only children who receive positive encouragement from their parents can be better adolescents and adults.

During a conference on Depression: causes, consequences and prevention, carried out in the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the psychologist Jorge Alfonso Valenzuela Vallejo He said that the inability to identify, perceive and express feelings can lead to depression in a child, and that these factors may negatively affect their adolescence or adulthood. The psychologist stressed that in capitalist systems the need to possess material goods is created and issues related to the nature of man are left aside. Affection, affection, and attention are put aside, generating a process of dehumanization.

The only thing that interests many parents in these systems is that their child behaves well, gets good academic grades, is obedient, and meets all their expectations, as well as those of society and the school. This pressure can lead to depression in children. Children's depression is also related to their relationship with others. If the child sees his mother smile, he will feel loved, recognized and will gain confidence and will be able to identify what he feels. Otherwise, if the mother is always upset or depressed, the child will build an image of himself where he will only meet the expectations that are imposed on him, alien to his own feelings, thoughts and desires.

For this reason, it is important that parents establish a positive, affective, and trust-based relationship with their child, which stimulates and motivates them, thus allowing the child to develop their potential and build good relationships with others. Vallejo warned that only five percent of depression cases originate from metabolic problems or aspects such as trauma, hyperthyroidism, hormonal or cardiovascular problems, among others.

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