Poop, fart, pee. Why are children so attracted to them?

Poop, fart, pee. Why are children so attracted to them?

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Excuse me! I wonder: why do children like to talk and laugh so much telling stories about farts, poops, butts, pee, making jokes on these 'so brown' topics?

During a long period, children enjoy talking about poops and farts, especially when a few little ones get together to have a good time.

My friend Elena, told me that her daughter, to whom her father told stories every night, had a season in which he brought her fried, asking her: 'Dad, tell me a story about poop.' The little girl was marking the script for him and he improvised the story's plot according to her requests: the protagonist suffered all kinds of bowel movements in crazy situations, while Dad made him somewhat suspicious sounds and farts on his stomach and cheeks. She laughed every night; Her stomach would end up hurting from laughing so much that she had to run to the bathroom, well, we know why!

My little ones also love to talk and have fun with the 'pestosity' of their farts, especially when we are in the car, when we enjoy their perfumed flatulence as a family. By the way, we could use the incentive of eating legumes and other foods that cause aerophagia with our children to motivate them to look at these normally so rejected foods with different eyes.

I suppose that this topic is so attractive to them because in some way it supposes a transgression, seen with sympathy by the parents, of certain social norms that incite laughter (such as the 'tartazo' in the face of the clown or the skid with the shell banana). Or perhaps it is a sign of maturity, imitating the behaviors of older children and adults; Let's admit that when we talk about these issues ourselves, we also get a smile on our face, a blush or an uncontrolled laugh.

Poo is the inspiration for many jokes ... here is one:

Two soldiers are on guard at the gate of the barracks. Says one to another:

- You've seen? There is a huge poop right outside the door.

- Yes, it will be necessary to inform the Colonel, answers the other.

- Man, for me we give it all. Hee hee hee ...

Happy day!

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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