Gifts for pregnant women at Christmas

Gifts for pregnant women at Christmas

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What can a pregnant woman eat at Christmas? How can she enjoy Christmas without excesses? or what to give to the pregnant woman at Christmas ?, are some typical questions at this time.

Christmas is closely related to birth and, on these important dates, pregnant women have a special role. When thinking of a gift for the pregnant woman, the range of possible presents widens since it is possible to give something for the baby or for the mother.

It all depends on the tastes and preferences of the future mother and the time of pregnancy in which she is, since it is possible that, if she is in the first trimester, she has not yet made purchases for her future baby, or that she has it everything already, if it is in the third trimester. In the latter case, she will surely prefer something that she can enjoy before giving birth.

Taking into account that, during pregnancy, she is the protagonist, the most advisable thing is to take advantage of the moment and give her something that she is excited about, that she can use or enjoy in this special stage. For this reason, we propose some suggestions:

- A pillow to sleep during pregnancy. A practical gift that will surely thank you because it will help you fall asleep at the time when it is most difficult due to the volume of the gut, in the third trimester. It consists of a long pillow, which is placed between the legs and prevents the weight of the belly from unbalancing the position of the pregnant woman when she is lying on her side.

- A massage for pregnant women. Relieve your discomfort in the back or legs with a special massage for pregnant women. It provides well-being and is beneficial for the discomforts of pregnancy such as low back pain, fluid retention or difficulties in the venous return of the legs.

- A spa session. In the water, the pregnant woman will feel that her weight decreases and can move more easily. The combination of temperature changes in the water and hydric massages will favor your physical and mental well-being.

- A day for her. Take care of everything and let it rest for a whole weekend. Tiredness is one of the main discomforts of pregnancy, exerted by the action of hormones, which has more incidence in the first and third trimesters.

- A romantic dinner. You will conquer her heart and her palate at the same time. By candlelight you can express all your love to her, while enjoying watching her satisfy all her pregnant cravings.

- Cosmetics for pregnancy. The appearance of spots and stretch marks is common in pregnancy, if it is not prevented with the appropriate cosmetic products. There are cosmetic sets for pregnancy on the market adapted for face and body.

- Engraved jewelry. A ring, a bracelet, a necklace or a brooch with the possible due date, the name you have chosen for the future baby or the day of your anniversary are a sure hit.

- Memories of pregnancy. Surprise the expectant mother with a kit to reproduce the gut in plaster or photo albums with the growth of the belly in stages.

- Books about pregnancy and motherhood. All the information that comes to your hands about the pregnancy and baby care will be welcome.

- An auditory stimulation device for the baby during pregnancy. A good idea to relax the pregnant woman and her future baby in the womb. It has been proven that when newborns listen to that same music they calm down easily.

- A photographic report of the pregnancy. A wonderful memory of the changes that have occurred in your body throughout your pregnancy.

- Some low shoes. Ideal for walking with leaden feet during pregnancy and avoiding dangerous falls.

- A scrapbook. You can fill it with garments or objects of great sentimental value. It serves both for the stage of pregnancy and for the birth of the baby.

- Maternity clothes. T-shirts, pants, maternity dresses, and why not, some underwear item, will make you feel even more beautiful.

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