The exciting struggle of a premature baby to survive

The exciting struggle of a premature baby to survive

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The birth of a baby, whatever the circumstance, is a miracle of life. It is even more so when a baby comes into the world weighing just 700 grams and it survives despite all the health problems it faces when it is born prematurely.

This is the case of Ward Miles, a baby who, although born 15 weeks earlier than expected, managed to overcome and overcome the limitations and difficulties of a premature birth, and survive.

Ward Miles was still a very young baby to see and understand what the video that his father, Benjamin, gave to his mother, Lindsay, represents of his 365 days of life, of which 107 days were lived in a Michigan hospital, USA, due to its serious heart problems. The video, as his father says in the description, summarizes the first year of his son's life.

'This is a love story of a mother for her baby', with these words the father of little Ward Miles bows to the love, affection, dedication and dedication of the mother at all times for her little one, and takes the opportunity to thank all the medical team that helped your baby overcome the difficulties of a premature baby.

More than showing how a premature baby recovers, the video shows parents who did not give up or lose heart or hope, and who incessantly did everything possible to keep their baby alive. Ward Miles became 16 months after his birth, a smiling, loving baby, who eats well and said his first words without problems. Able to take, under the guidance of his father Benjamin Scott Miller, his first steps. A moving and moving video. Do not lose it!

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