Diaper cake. An original gift for the newborn

Diaper cake. An original gift for the newborn

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As much as we look for it, we do not always find something different to give a baby that has just been born. We end up giving away the typical clothes or a toy, although they are also always welcome, of course.

But, looking for the ideal gift for both parents and baby, I found a very original recipe to build a diaper cake. I found it a useful and fun gift at the same time. Plus, you don't even need to order it from a store. At home you can make this nice gift.

Material for the cake:
- 1 cardboard cake tray
- 2 cardboard rolls from the one left when we finish the kitchen paper rolls
- 1 packet of diapers (3 to 6 kg)
- Tape to collect the cake floors
- Staples
- Transparent wrapping paper (eg cellophane)
- Seal
- Masking tape or rubber bands
- Optional: different gifts (shampoo, bath gel, ducklings to play in the bathroom, a teether, two pairs of socks, wipes, a sponge and two bibs)

We start by joining the cardboard rolls with a seal and glue them to the cardboard tray, also with a seal. We roll up the diapers and fasten them with rubber bands or masking tape, never with tape because it sticks too much and the diapers would break when detached.

Now we are forming layers of the cake:

- On the first floor we start by putting diapers around the cardboard tube and so on until the entire base of the cake is filled.
- The second floor we do the same but we give it one less turn, and so on until we finish on the smallest floor.
- We intersperse the gifts, if we want to put some, between the diapers and fasten others with masking tape to the diapers.
- To hold each floor we collect it with a tape that we staple and make a shoe rack that we then staple again.
- And to finish, we wrap the cake in cellophane paper and tie it up with colored ribbon.

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