What children learn at 9

What children learn at 9

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At nine years of age, a child shows increasing independence from family and begins to show more interest in friends. Healthy friendships are very important for children's development, but peer pressure can be too strong at this time, so it is essential that the 9-year-old boy or girl has good critical thinking and strong self-esteem.

Children who feel good about themselves are able to resist negative pressure from peers or friends and will be able to make better decisions for themselves. It is an important time for children of this age to acquire a sense of responsibility along with their independence. The physical changes of puberty begin to appear especially in girls, something that they will have to assimilate and prepare for. But in addition to all this, there will also be very important things that 9-year-olds will learn that need to be taken into account to understand their behavior and development.

1. They begin to understand more and better the challenges of school.

2. In addition to reading more easily, he is able to understand longer sentences.

3. Carrying addition and subtraction becomes easier to do, and they begin to understand fractions.

4. They like to spend and organize their time with friends.

5. Your decision-making ability improves and you can think independently without being influenced by other people's thinking (in case you have good self-esteem).

6. They are able to recognize basic social norms and can behave appropriately.

7. They are able to understand and control their emotions so they can control anger for a longer time, being very important that they do not repress it but that they control it.

8. They have empathy and are able to understand and be sensitive to the feelings of others.

9. They will have overcome most of the fears that were more common in earlier childhood years.

10. They begin to experience anxiety about new situations that previously did not worry them so much, such as school performance.

11. They are curious both in the environment and towards relationships with others.

12. They are able to differentiate between the sense of right and wrong with the help of their parents.

13. You will be able to set your own goals and parents should help you develop your skills and abilities.

The role of parents is essential and children need to spend time with them. As parents it is necessary to talk about friends, achievements, school, challenges ... it is important that parents are involved in the child's school so that the child sees the interest and support they have on their part at all times .

It is necessary to give him responsibility and involve him in housework such as cleaning and cooking, in addition, he will have to understand the meaning of saving. It is also necessary to establish clear rules at home with positive discipline so that children know what is expected of them (in behavior) both when adults are present and when they are not.

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