The gifts of the child Jesus. German Christmas Carol

The gifts of the child Jesus. German Christmas Carol

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Does anyone know why a tree is decorated every year at Christmas? And why is it a fir tree? Does anyone know why apples and walnuts hang from the tree?

Here is the wonderful story of The gifts of the Child Jesus, told from a story written by the German Count Franz Pocci. A beautiful story of generosity and kindness.

Franz was a very poor woodcutter, who lived in a house in the forest with his wife, Matilde, and their two young children: Alberto and Gisela. The children were very good, but their parents had no money to buy them toys. They barely survived on the bread that Matilde managed to make.

That Dec. 24 it was very cold. A heavy snow had fallen, and they only had four slices of bread left for dinner. But just as they were about to start, they saw the face of a little boy leaning out of the window. I was hungry and cold. They welcomed him into their home and gave him the four remaining slices of bread, despite the fact that they had no dinner that day.

Franz went out to cut a fir tree to keep the fire in the fireplace burning all night so that this little boy, dressed in a tattered white tunic, would not be cold.

The boy, who did not say a word, fell asleep by the fire, and the family also retired to rest.

The next day, a melody of harps woke the little ones, who ran towards the living room. Then they saw the little boy whom they had welcomed into their home, dressed in elegant clothes embroidered with gold thread. A crown shone brightly on his head. Around him, a court of angels sounded harps and trumpets. And behind him, a huge fir tree, with many leafy branches from which hung apples, walnuts and many toys.

The children called their parents. Upon arriving and seeing that scene, they realized that that child was actually the baby Jesus, who, grateful for the generosity of that family, had brought them all those gifts.

Since that day, every December 24, all families decorate a fir tree at home, in memory of that story. Colorful apples and other decorations hang from the branches of the tree. And the children receive the gifts that baby Jesus keeps bringing every Christmas.

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