Games that stimulate imagination in children

Games that stimulate imagination in children

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Any situation can become a game when you are a child. Playing allows to learn and perfect different areas of development: psychomotor skills, vocabulary, socio-emotional skills and of course imagination.

We define imagination as the faculty that allows us to mentally represent objects, people or situations not present in reality. Practically all children's games promote this ability, although some more than others. We highlight in this article those games that clearly promote imagination in children, such as play to be, build or create but also make up stories or look for animals hidden in the clouds.

Symbolic or role play, that is, the game in which the boy or girl represents or imitates someone is the game par excellence during the first years of childhood. Role play encourages and stimulates children's imagination to a high degree. To play, for example, at being a firefighter, an Indian, a doctor or an astronaut, you have to create a whole reality, with imaginary situations and characters emerging from nowhere.

For this to be so we must allow the children to choose the character (real or fictional) they want to be. The less directed by adults the game, the greater the imaginative capacity the child will develop, although sometimes it will need a push. When this is the case, it is better to only propose and / or provide the elements or materials that allow you to recreate your stories.

Cardboard boxes are very useful in these cases as they can easily become spaceships, cabins or castles. We also recommend have clothing or costumes on hand To use and add more realism to your game, it is always good to have a few hats, scarves or foulards in a drawer for these situations. Dolls, kitchens, doctor's briefcases, ... are another type of material that helps to recreate the imaginary world in which the child wants to be immersed.

Within this type of game we could include games with figurines or small dolls that are sold with or without accessories. In these cases the boy or girl goes from one character to another, adopting and imagining different points of view and personalities.

The games of puppets, theaters or puppets allow, like the role play, to recreate fictitious situations that favor the development of the children's imagination.

Beyond role play there are other types of games that allow children to develop their imaginations. The construction games, play with clay or look at the clouds they are perfect examples of games that stimulate and encourage the imaginative capacity of children.

- Building games: Construction games are another type of game with a high value for promoting the imagination. This type of construction games with pieces whether made of wood or plastic, nestable or not, it does not matter, the important thing is the ability to imagine and create that they encourage. With these types of pieces, children can build from a castle or fortress to an entire town where fantastic beings live

- Play with plasticine: Playing with plasticine creating monsters, plants, animals, cakes or cakes favors not only the psychomotor development of hands and fingers but also promotes the imagination and creativity of the little ones. It is good that we encourage our children to name their creations, tell us what flavors their dishes have or where their monsters or animals live, in this way they go beyond the manipulative phase.

- Look at the clouds: Look at the clouds and look for hidden animals or ask them to invite a fictional character (from their favorite story, series or movie) for dinner and sit him next to us, with a chair and plate to have a lively conversation with him while we have dinner They are another type of game proposal that stimulates the imagination of our children.

Any situation, any moment is good to boost our children's imagination, you just have to let your rich inner world unleash to emerge spontaneously. Games like those proposed here are just some forms of expression of that great imaginative capacity that children have, let's not let them lose it by limiting, directing excessively or even preventing something as important for their development as is play.

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