Children are tolerant. The experiment that proves it

Children are tolerant. The experiment that proves it

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Have you ever wondered how children see disability? Do you see it as a difference? Are they treating a child with a disability differently?

A beautiful experiment makes adults reconsider. Why do we see a disabled child with different eyes? Children, in this case, give us a real lesson in tolerance. Tolerance is not grudgingly admitting a different idea or behaving differently when faced with a disability. Tolerating is undoubtedly Observe the differences with a child's clean eyes: unprejudiced.

The experiment was recorded by a French Association that struggles on a daily basis to break the clichés and taboos that exist around multiple disabilities. The association is called Noémi, and they do not want anything other than to get people to change the way they see disability. To do this, they say, we must follow the example of children.

The experiment brought parents and children together in front of a giant screen. In it, people were appearing who invented a grimace, a funny gesture ... Both parents and children had to imitate them. But suddenly, a girl appeared on the screen, a girl with cerebral palsy, who improvised a nice grimace for them. What did the parents do? And children?

Who are more tolerant? The parents who changed their way of acting when they saw a disabled girl? Or the boys, unable to see any difference in the traits and behavior of the girl with a disability? Because it is one thing to be respectful of differences and quite another to be ashamed of them. Tolerance, what children teach us, is to see everyone the same. Despite, of course, the differences.

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