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As a pioneer and leading information portal for Spanish-speaking parents, our site continues to lead the demands of families. In recent years we have worked with the purpose of offering a more committed website oriented to the interests and concerns of parents. As a result of this effort, It has achieved a privileged position with respect to the rest of Internet portals in its sector. The October figures they have made us smile enormously. And it is that, we obtained the spectacular figure of 10,763,808 unique visitors.

If the televisions watch the audience share every day, and the survival of the programs depends to a large extent on this data, all of us who work on the Internet follow with absolute fidelity the figures of OJD, which is the company that audits the media audience.

In We work very hard so that all our articles, videos, recipes, crafts, stories ... are to your liking and respond to your interests. Every day we become more complicit, more useful and more interactive with our readers. All this work, always carried out with enthusiasm, a lot of affection and care by our team, has paid off, since we have reached a record number of visits on site.

We are already more than 10 million unique readers, those of us who follow our site. We are very happy to be leaders in the family and lifestyle sector, even more so when We five times the audience of our immediate followers: and, two large portals edited by multinationals. It is a great motivation to know that our site outperforms the large groups of information and such established magazines. So much so, that our readers exceed the sum of visitors to these two well-known websites: 3.6 million.

Our site's audience is so large that it also surpasses those of well-known and famous international magazines such as Vogue.

With our small means and our small team, we are capable of doing great things and reaching more families, always with enthusiasm, perseverance and commitment. We can't say more than: a million thanks! Thanks to all of you, loyal fans of our magazine, who support us every day by visiting us, reading our articles and participating with your comments, opinions and ideas.

This figure gives us renewed courage and strength to continue offering quality content about baby, pregnancy, health, nutrition, education like any other topic that can help you on the path of raising children

From our site, receive a huge kiss and a big hug, each and every one of you for your loyalty and support. We hope to continue with you for a long time and to be able to accompany you in raising your children.

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