The way your son is according to the features of his face

The way your son is according to the features of his face

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They say that the face can also speak of our personality. And also, of course, the features of your son. Or at least, that's what numerous theories claim.

The size of your child's nose, the shape of the ears or the shape of the eyes, offers us a invaluable information about your personality.

The eyes are, without a doubt, the most important feature on your child's face. Not only the color, but the size and expressiveness, tell us many things about its character and personality.

1. Wide-set eyes: If their eyes are wide apart, your child may have trouble concentrating. And you may also suffer from the occasional headache.

2. Eyes close together: If instead his eyes are too close together, he will not be very observant. Rather, absent-minded, and with less predisposition towards the creative arts.

3. Very large and expressive eyes: Large, open eyes, large iris and a very lively expression ... your son is very sincere and also has great sensitivity. Surely develop some artistic ability: painting, writing, singing ...

4. Very small eyes: It is a characteristic of children who never seem to listen to what they are told. They are rebellious and find it difficult to express what they feel. But yes ... they are very clever!

5. Ascending eyes: They are very curious children, who need to obtain a lot of information. You must take good care of what you say in their presence. Remember that he is very sensitive, and a word can do him much more damage than you think.

6. Droopy eyes and eyelids: Your son demands a lot. So much so that you will often be frustrated. The good thing is that he is such a perfectionist, that if he shines at something and channels his frustrations well, he can be the best. But he has a flaw: it is difficult for him to express his feelings. It is a typical look of introverts and with a deep inner world. Pamper your self-esteem. These children tend to have it very low. Tell him that you trust him constantly.

7. Bulging eyes: They are very spontaneous and outgoing children. Their flaw: that they often forget to take care of their interior and can fall into the superfluous.

8. Hollow eyes: They are children who protect themselves and who need to feel protected. They are shy and introverted.

Eyebrows, which frame the look, can also say many things about your child:

1. Eyebrows close together: He is persistent, stubborn. He wants to do it on his own and show himself that he can do it. That is fantastic! As if that were not enough, it has a great power of concentration. Let him experiment and try for himself, and constantly encourage him. Congratulate him when he succeeds. The downside is that many times you will not succeed, and you will feel frustrated. There you are to support him.

2. Widely separated eyebrows: They are typical of children with difficulty concentrating but who have great intuition.

1. Pegaditas Ears: They are children with great hearing sensitivity. That is, they know how to listen to others, although sometimes they do not know how to listen to themselves. Never argue in front of him, and be careful about the words you use. He takes everything to heart, he is very apprehensive. And once in a while, tell him to try to listen to himself.

2. Separated ears: Your son is a leader. He knows himself so much that he gives off a great aura of security. It has great power to convince others. Don't forget to set very clear rules and limits. Be strict but give him the freedom to develop his leadership. I mean, let me take the lead on some things.

3. A very marked line under the lower lip: It is also very typical of very perfectionist children. Don't ask too much of him. He already does it for you.

4. Split chin: Your child surely loves team games, and that's because he needs to constantly feel valued. Find their skills and enhance them. You will see how he feels good about himself.

5. Pointed chin: It is typical of dominant children trying to impose themselves. Very prone to tantrums and tantrums. Tip: Make limits and rules very clear. And you will have to work more with him the value of patience.

6. Snub nose: They are children who need a lot of affection.

7. Large, protruding nose: It implies generosity, tenderness and a lot of affection.

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