My child bites, what can I do?

My child bites, what can I do?

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Between 18 months and 3 years of age, some children express their feelings through wrong behaviors, with biting, scratching and slapping. It can happen that the child bites or is bitten, both behaviors happen regularly, especially in nursery schools, but What can parents and educators do to correct this type of behavior?

It is very common for a child educator or caregiver to advise parents that your child has bitten or been bitten by another child. In the first case, many parents of children who bite think that the cause is the bad influence that their child is receiving when interacting with other children in nursery school, since they have never witnessed such a situation at home.

In the second case, the parents blame the educator because she did not pay enough attention to the children and violent behavior was generated in the classroom. These two thoughts are logical, but not correct, we explain why:

- Before the child goes to school, the only relationships he has had with other children are in small moments in the park or with young cousins, but in those cases, there is no constant, daily and repeated contact. In nursery school, the child has to share the adult's attention and, of course, the classroom toys, in these cases It is normal for more aggressive behaviors to appear than in the family environment.

- During the first year and a half the baby tends to bite because it is related to the teething phase, he finds relief by biting.

- It is related to the manifestations of affectionBabies are in the oral phase and show affection by biting, they do not understand that this act has negative consequences, it is adults who have to make them understand.

- As they grow and become more independent they try to resolve conflicts on their own and when other children take a toy away from them, their natural reaction is to slap or bite. They are normal manifestations that occur during the egocentric stage and disappear as the child grows older because it expresses itself with language and not through blows

To teach children that biting is not correct, we adults have to educate them to solve problems properly, we have to force them to apologize and, if the behavior is repeated we have to let them separate from the rest of the children so that think what you did. Slapping or insults are totally discouraged, it is about correcting their behavior, not giving them a hard time.

Biting behaviors in infants and children usually appear in the first weeks of school, but they disappear with understanding, patience and support from caregivers, educators and parents.

Source: AMEI

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