Orgasm according to the woman's menstrual phase

Orgasm according to the woman's menstrual phase

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What does orgasm depend on according to a woman's menstrual phase? In sexual matters, the intensity of the climax or the relationships that we may have as a couple have to do with the ovulation cycle. Depending on which day of the month we are, this is how pleasant sexual relations and fability to reach orgasm.

These are the big questions women ask around orgasm and the menstrual cycle:

- How long is the menstrual cycle? Although each woman is different, in general the cycle lasts 28 days. The menstrual cycle is the number of days that begins from the first day of menstruation to the first day of the next, between which those days pass 28 days. Depending on the body of each woman, this can be extended or decreased.

This cycle has two phases: the first part would be composed from day 1, the first that the period comes down, until day 14, days in which the sexual desire increases just after menstruation. The second phase of the menstrual cycle It begins on the 15th from the first period and lasts until the 28th, where it is concluded and another cycle begins.

- How is the libido during the menstrual cycle? While the first days of the cycle, the libido is usually off, this increases as the first phase progresses. After menstruation, from day 7 of the first cycle, the desire for sex usually increases considerably until a new ovulation arrives and the woman's body begins to change again.

- Orgasms in the first part of the menstrual cycle. During the first part of the menstrual cycle, from day 1 to 14, menstruation usually arrives, which can range from 3 to 7 days depending on the woman. During this phase, the woman's body is with a very high level of estrogensas that is the time when release the ovum -and could lead to a possible pregnancy if it were fertilized-, so after the period and before the second cycle begins, it is the optimal time for sexual intercourse.

This is a stage in a woman's life when libido skyrockets compared to the pre-period dates, as many women experience fluid retention and feel bloated, and the Premenstrual syndrome it can play a trick on an emotional level. But as a general rule, sexual life and intensity of orgasms it is greatest during these first fourteen days of the cycle. Libido can skyrocket and arousal is greater, so orgasms are much easier to achieve and more enjoyable.

- Orgasms in the second part of the menstrual cycle. When the first part of the menstrual cycle ends, the second begins from day 15. This means that the progesterone and that the body begins to recover from menstruation to make way for another cycle, which can cause the woman be more irritable and with less force. In sexual matters, libido drops considerably, and orgasm is not easy to achieve. If you can get there, it will be much less intense than in the first cycle.

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