10 names of famous writers for girls

10 names of famous writers for girls

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When choosing the name of the baby we can look for inspiration in current characters, in the cinema or also in Literature. In addition to finding it among the literary characters, the perfect name for your girl can be that of a famous writer.

The names of famous writers They are beautiful names with a great weight that gives them personality. Traditional names, modern names or original names. In this list of 10 names of famous writers you will surely find the best name for your baby.

1. Virginia. The name is one of the prettiest for girls. With a mysterious Etruscan origin and a meaning related to the 'fire', this name inevitably leads us to Virginia Woolf, one of the most important figures in 20th century literature.

2. Agate. It is a name of Greek origin that means 'the one that is good'. We like it because it is a name with a very particular sound and because it reminds us of Agate Christie, the famous writer of crime and mystery novels that have made us enjoy so much.

3. Isabel. This name is of Hebrew origin and means 'promise of God'. The writer Isabel Allende It represents like no one the charismatic character and the personality that this name is capable of printing.

4. Anaïs. It is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'full of grace'. It is actually the French variant of Ana and has become one of the most suggestive names thanks to Anaïs Nin, a true legend of erotic literature.

5. Alice. The name has a Greek origin and means 'true'. In addition to being a traditional name that never loses strength, we associate it with the charisma of the Nobel Prize for literature Alice munro.

6. Harper. This name is of English origin and means 'harpist'. We don't know if it was the writer Harper lee the one that inspired the Beckhams to give their girl this original and unisex name.

7. Sylvia. It is a name of Latin origin with a meaning related to 'the forests'. One of the icons of American literature was Sylvia Plath in which many parents have been inspired to choose the name of their baby.

8. Patricia. With a Latin origin and a meaning that refers to 'the royalty', this name reminds us of the suspense writer Patricia highsmith. If we like it, it is because it is one of those names to which the meaning is noticeable and to which it is inevitable to link a certain distinction.

9. Doris. The name is of Greek origin and its meaning refers to 'the inhabitants of the Dórida'. Although it is also a mythological name, we associate it with another Nobel laureate, the British writer Doris Lessing.

10. Erica. This name is one of those Scandinavian names that have become popular all over the world. Its meaning speaks of 'eternal rulers' and we cannot fail to mention the successful American writer Erica Jong.

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