5 myths about children's creativity

5 myths about children's creativity

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Children's creativity is fundamental in the development of the little ones in the house. They need to foster their creativity and imagination in order to have a good evolutionary development. Children are creative by nature and from the role of adults it is necessary to try that this innate gift of the little ones is not lost with the passage of time.

But for adults to continue enhancing the creativity and imagination of children, it is necessary that they banish some beliefs that they may have ingrained, that is, myths about children's creativity. Today there are many myths that people believe to be true and this must end for the sake of creativity and creative children.

1. Children's creativity exists only in the most intelligent children. There are those who think that creativity can only be enjoyed by people who are born with the ability and who are very intelligent. But reality makes it very clear that we are all born with creativity but that hard work and commitment are more important than natural ability. Creativity belongs to everyone, you just have to enhance it.

2. Creative kids make amazing things out of nothing. People think that to be creative it must be something totally original and innovative. But the reality is that children and creative people will always create something new from existing ideas.

3. Creativity only appears with inspiration. Creativity not only appears from inspiration, but also appears from effort and hard work, it is not something magical or that depends on muses, the person has part of the responsibility in this. The more work you do on something, the more practical you will have on that topic and the more likely you are to come up with creative ideas. For this reason it is so important that children learn the value of perseverance in the activities they do.

4. Mental illness makes the child more creative. A child does not need to have a mental disorder to be creative, all children are creative by nature and it is a gift they must keep.

5. Only lonely children can be creative. It does not have to be that way at all, in fact many children will need the help of their parents or mentors to be able to bring out all the creativity they carry inside, they need a guide to find all their talent and that is not achieved by being alone.

Maria Jose Roldan


Special Education Teacher (Therapeutic Pedagogy)

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