What to do when the baby says NO to everything?

What to do when the baby says NO to everything?

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'Do you want us to go to the park?' ... 'NO!', 'Let's get dressed' ... 'NO!', 'Let's play building?' ... 'NO!' No matter what we ask the child, the answer will always be a resounding and resounding NO.

This type of denial that babies usually make is known as the no stage and, not only is it not something rare, but it is very common. Also, you are in luck because your son has taken a great evolutionary step, he is beginning to be independent and self-sufficient.

My children have not passed a stage of not very desperate, nothing beyond normal, however, my niece had it very intense, so much so that it was already scary to ask her anything because she seemed to be angry with the world and wanting to fight at all hours. Fortunately it was a phase.

And it is that, when the child says 'NO' what he is doing is strengthening his own individuality. It usually begins around 15 months of life, that is when children begin to experiment, to provoke situations to see what happens, to put mom and dad to the test. It is not about opposing for fun, it is simply a form of learning.

We are not losing authority, but we can control these situations. First of all it is important to know why the child says 'NO' to everything, there are several reasons: he is tired, he feels insecure, he wants our attention, he feels frustrated and, most importantly, he is forging his personality. How can we control these situations?

- Give the child other alternatives: If you don't want to wear the blue dress, let you choose the one you like. They are children but as long as their decisions are not harmful, we can leave them space to express their opinion and decide.

- Be careful with the excess of rules: When children have too many rules to follow, they may rebel instead of being obedient and try not to feel so controlled.

- Do not say NO to everything: If we continually tell them 'don't touch that', 'don't get on the couch', 'don't jump in the puddles', how do we want them not to say no? We can use other options such as: 'if you get on the couch you could fall and hurt yourself' or 'if you jump into the puddles without rain boots you will get your feet wet and we will have to go home'.

- Respect the child's routines: If you have not rested well or are hungry, you will be more irascible and nervous.

- Patience: take a deep breath and stay on your nerves, do our part to avoid situations that will lead to a tantrum and use empathy to understand the moment they are living.

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