10 questions and answers about antibiotics for kids

10 questions and answers about antibiotics for kids

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What are antibiotics? These are medicines used to fight infections caused by bacteria. Years ago they were prescribed without any kind of consideration. However, studies found that antibiotics taken repeatedly and regardless of whether the condition was caused by a virus or bacteria, they lost their effectiveness and only resistance to these drugs was caused.

Many parents have been able check the effectiveness of antibiotics in our children. When they start taking them, of course, after the corresponding prescription, the improvement is remarkable. This situation causes us to be tempted to resort to these drugs on our own if we see our children sick, but they do not always work or are valid for all diseases.

1- Can they be administered to treat a cold? They are useless to fight infections such as colds, flu, bronchitis or pharyngitis, which are all viral diseases.

2- Does the treatment have to be completed? It is very important to comply with all the guidelines prescribed by the doctor, otherwise the child may relapse and worsen his illness.

3- Do they lose effectiveness if they are used continuously? Yes, and also only increases the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics. In addition, side effects such as diarrhea may appear.

4- Are they more effective through injection than orally? Efficacy is similar, so ingested antibiotics are generally used for severe illness or inability to swallow.

5- Is the same antibiotic valid for any disease? The type of antibiotic is related to the microorganism that causes the infection, since there are hundreds of bacteria, there are different antibiotics. The one used for otitis is not the same as that for a urine infection.

6- Does the child have to take a stomach protector along with the antibiotic? Pediatricians do not usually recommend it, on the one hand it is not considered necessary and on the other, the gastric protector could interfere with the absorption of the drug.

7- Can the child take the antibiotic at any time? The doctor, together with the prescription, indicates the antibiotic regimen, generally coinciding with the meals. It is important that we follow the instructions for hours indicated by the pediatrician and thus take the indicated dose daily.

8- If the child has the same symptoms as another time he took an antibiotic, can I repeat the treatment? As we are not doctors and given the health alert against self-medication, especially in the case of antibiotics, we will never be able to repeat the treatment. Symptoms may resemble the above but may not be caused by the same bacteria.

9- I have antibiotics left over, can I save it for another time? In no case, pediatricians generally prescribe the right antibiotic for each case, in case we have to throw it away in medicine recycling containers.

10- Are antibiotics safe? They are safe drugs as long as they are taken when the doctor prescribes them and in the amounts indicated. Antibiotics save lives.

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