Cookie ideas for Christmas

Cookie ideas for Christmas

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To finish these cookie suggestions, we suggest that, in any of the molds you use, bathe the cookies in caramel and then decorate them with colored balls. This way you will get some delicious cookies that will delight the little ones.

In this case, we introduce a new element for decorating our cookies: jelly beans. Trinkets are one of the sweets that our little ones like the most, so nothing better than putting some pieces of different colors on top of our cookies.

Candles are also a very common decoration in every home when Christmas arrives. In this case, we suggest that to make an edible candle you cover the entire cookie with condensed milk and then finish the decoration with colored shavings and icing sugar.

At Christmas the stars that hang from the trees can have very different shapes and colors. In this case, we suggest that you bathe the cookies in chocolate and then you can sprinkle them on top with colored shavings.

In the case of this Christmas fir tree, with a little sugar, condensed milk or cream you can turn a simple pasta into a delicious shortbread.

To make a Christmas tree, you can use icing sugar of various colors as decorative strips and balls of different colors as if they were lights.

The delicious cookie stars can be decorated in many different ways. In this case, we suggest that you use cream, condensed milk or sugar to make the figure much more attractive for children.

The mistletoe is said to bring good luck, so nothing better than eating it in the form of a cookie. To do this, once the baked pasta is cold, as simple as covering the figurine with icing sugar with green and red coloring. Or if your child likes jam, you can also use it to cover the cookie.

To make a cookie star “fleeting”, you can wrap it in a layer of condensed milk and then add powdered sugar with yellow and white coloring to “shine”.

The heart-shaped cookies can be covered with jam or decorated with icing sugar and colored balls to give them a little more flavor or, simply, put a bow that makes them attractive for the little ones.

To decorate a bell there are several options. The simplest is to sprinkle icing sugar or cream over the edge of the cookie and place a bow as an ornament. You can also use jam to cover the figure.

The Santa Claus cookie mold leaves a lot of freedom to the imagination. With a little icing sugar and colored coloring you can create their clothes. And for the beard it is as simple as making the shape with cream and then using a fork for the details.

When the reindeer-shaped cookie is ready, you can sprinkle the horns and legs with cream or sugar and place a chocolate chip as an eye. You can also put a bow around the neck to make the cookie more eye-catching.

Once the snowman figurines are baked, decorating them is as simple as using a little cream and icing sugar with coloring, and colored balls for the clothes.

After seven five-pointed stars of six different sizes are shaped and baked, place one cookie on top of the other to form a pyramid. Garnish these cookies with icing sugar to simulate snow or add a little green food coloring to create the branches; then place some colored balls as lights. Lastly, for the top star, cover one side of the cookie with condensed milk.

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