Light menu of second courses for children

Light menu of second courses for children

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In We offer you a selection of low-fat recipes for children who need to follow a light menu. And it is that childhood obesity is a problem that is growing alarmingly in the world.

We propose different ideas for recipes for second courses for children, all of them nutritious, healthy and balanced to ensure that the child takes the necessary nutrients without having a high fat content.

Sole with orange. Sole is a highly valued fish in gastronomy for its fine white meat. Guiainfantil offers you a light, nutritious and energetic recipe, ideal for both lunch and dinner for children.

Sole with yogurt sauce. For the children's dinner, we propose this soft grilled sole with yogurt and mushroom sauce, a recipe that is also very good for pregnant women. white fish recipe for children

Hake in green sauce. Hake recipe in green sauce, a traditional dish for children. Step by step preparation of hake in green sauce with clams. Easy fish recipe for children, make a hake in green sauce.

White fish papillote. Easy white fish papillote recipe for children's lunch or dinner. Easy fish recipes for kids. A simple and healthy recipe for fish papillote. Baked fish for children.

Chicken rice burger. Chicken rice burgers recipe. A nutritious and exquisite recipe. our site offers us an alternative for both lunch and dinner for children. our site teaches you how to make a chicken and rice burger, step by step.

Fish meatballs. How to make quick and healthy fish meatballs for dinner or children's lunch. A good way for children to eat and taste the vitamins in fish. our site teaches you how to prepare exquisite fish meatballs, step by step, with that easy and very simple recipe to prepare.

Garlic chicken. Traditions pass from generation to generation, like this chicken with garlic, grandma's recipe for children to enjoy the flavors of home cooking. How to prepare this recipe where chicken is the star ingredient, flavored with herbs and, of course, with garlic. A classic among classics.

Chicken tamales. our site brings you the easy recipe for chicken tamales for kids. Enjoy a traditional Mexican recipe with this tamales recipe. Learn how to make one of the most popular dishes in Mexican cuisine, the tamales, step by step.

Stuffed turkey breast. Reinvent recipes by combining ingredients in original ways, like these turkey breasts stuffed with vegetables, a light recipe for children. We have developed a healthy and easy-to-make recipe for family lunch or dinner. The children are going to repeat it, for sure.

Meat and zucchini rolls. Fun recipes are the best way we have to teach children to eat everything, like these meat and zucchini rolls.

Soy burger. This recipe for soy burgers is very easy to make, tasty and very healthy. healthy vegetarian ducks for kids Step by step recipe for soy burgers for children.

Lemon chicken thighs. With a few simple ingredients you can prepare these lemon chicken thighs, a healthy recipe for children that prevents childhood obesity. Lemon chicken thighs recipe for kids. Roasted chicken thighs with lemon.

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